sort it out game

Sort It Out Game Sort It Out Game

Once more time the University Games has come up with a fast paced game that makes social interaction for teens and adults alike fun.  Trivia and entertainment are paired to together in Sort It Out Game, a unique way to look at people, places and things and put them in their place!


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Move your piece around the game board, as you try and sort in order from greatest to least how much. Sort It Out Game challenges players to put things in logical sequence or choose the best possible answers 



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Sort It Out Family Game

Sort It Out GameEntertainment not your thing?  Then sort the five lakes from smallest to largest or developmental stages of a child from earliest to latest. This Sort It out fun game has another twist to it.  The closer you get to the end, the more you want to be right, because if your sorting is wrong it could be your victory on the line, certain squares on the game board require you to move backwards if you are incorrect!


Questions of various genres of Sort It Out Family Game will ensure a niche for everyone's quirky knowledge, and while some will have you stumped and simply guessing, you will quickly sort others and be gleeful while your opponents scratch their heads thoroughly stumped.


The rules of Sort It Out Game is which you move around the board take a bit to catch on to, and we found ourselves checking the game instructions more than a few times throughout our game play, but after a couple of rounds, we had it figured out, and were eager for our chance to win.


Whats In The Box : Game Board, 6 Moving Pieces, 6 Tile Holders, 30 Colored Tiles, Over 300 Topic Cards,Sand Timer, Instructions.

Where to Buy Sort It Out Game

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